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Bio's i can make in every style you like!

Nothing is crazy enough! And all your own ideas are welcome!

I'am a open minded person! I do not judge about your style or the theme that you like!

I take my time for create for you an eye catching profile, which can bring you more and extra money in cash!

I can use html/css where you need and where you want so that you can change the menu's all by yourself!

I go give you good service! 

I host your bio totaly for free for so long as you need! And when you not can change things by yourself you can ask me for do that for you and i try to do in less then 1 or 2 hours when it is daytime for me!

I only charge a small fee for major changes!



Do you have more questions about my bio's please don't be shy but ask for the opportunities!


What do i need for create your Bio?


I DO NOT NEED YOUR LOGIN DETAILS OR PASSWORD! (never give this to other people!!!)

When everything is ready i will send you a text file with all codes! So that you can copy and past all and put it where you have to place it!

What do i need?? I need all text what you need in bio in the menu's, about me text, tipmenu text, roomrules text, kingtipper text etc.......

And i need the menu's and how many different parts you need, and of course the style and colors that you like!

How more information you give me how easyer it is for me but when you don't have idea's by yourself i can always help you for send you in the right direction!

And i need some good photos in good quality in large formats, but only when you need pictures in your bio!

Until now i have made bios for Chaturbate, Cam4 and Camsoda but make a bio for My Free Cams is also no problem.

How long does it take before the bio is ready? Unfortunately i can not say that. because not every bio is the same and it depends on how big and how difficult your bio is! But usually around 2 or 3 days! It's better to take enough time than to try to work quickly!

I hope you have enough information about making your bio when you have more questions please make contact with me and i can tell you a lot more!

Curious about my price? Ask for a price list with email or ask in a dm on twitter!